We’ve received your online owner surrender form. Our first priority is to help owners work through whatever challenges they face that have prompted them to consider surrender—we strive to find creative ways to keep these dogs in the homes they’ve grown to love.

But we do understand that situations exist where rehoming your dog must be considered. We are grateful that you have reached out to our licensed rescue organization if you must now consider this option.

Our goal is to respond to your inquiry within two to three days of receipt. Often, it’ll be much faster, but as an all-volunteer rescue organization, it may take us an extra day or two to respond when rescue demands are high. Thank you for your patience.

In the meantime, you may have questions about what’s involved in surrendering a dog and what happens next. You can find out more about the owner surrender process in the link below:

Surrender Policies

Please note: We are a small, foster-based rescue. We have no shelter or facility, so our ability to take in your dog will depend on many things, including available foster homes, your dog’s individual needs, and our funding situation. While we cannot offer a guarantee that we can take in your dog, we offer our thanks for considering the compassionate option of rescue.

A Serendipity representative will be contacting you soon to determine if we can be of help.