Dear Volunteers and Fosters,

We know that you chose to volunteer in rescue to make a difference. As a 100% volunteer-run, foster-based rescue, our goal is to help you make that difference! Our mission with this Volunteer Resource page is to provide you with easy access to information and resources that can help you build your knowledge, skills, and difference-making Rescue Ninja powers. We expect to add to our content library over time, so don’t hesitate to send your suggestions for additional topics or worthy resources. To do so, just drop a note or share a link at the following email address: We hope you find your Volunteer Resource page to be useful, informative, and maybe even a little fun!

The SGSDR Leadership Team & Board of Directors

Dog Training Video Library

One of the most important roles we volunteers can each play in the lives of our SGSDR program dogs is to help them become well-mannered companion animals for their future families.

Too often, dogs are dumped in shelters (or returned to rescue) for behaviors that can be easily (and simply!) addressed with just a little bit of training.

These behaviors can include dragging their owners down the street on walks, jumping up on Grandma when she comes to visit, or knocking over little Timmy while bolting out the back door–and more!

That’s why we’ve put together this library of FREE online training videos for your use.

These videos are sourced from reputable, real-life dog trainers who’ve seen it all–from teaching basic obedience to resolving ill-mannered doggy behavior problems–and then some.

We’ve added the total video running time next to each link so that you can gauge your time investment for watching. Some are short and quick to watch, while others are more comprehensive in scope and will take a bit more time.

We hope you will find an “a ha!” moment (or several!) that helps you amp up your difference-making Rescue Ninja-style dog handling skills.

Dog Training Basics & Philosophy

Balanced Training—Rewards and Corrections

“The Binary Dog” – Teaching Yes and No

How to Phase Out Food Rewards

Dog Training Philosophy

Includes use of food, rewards, and markers. Long, but comprehensive and thorough for those with an interest.

Prong Collar Basics

How to Fit, Put On, Take Off, and Condition Dog to Collar

Includes prong collar safety measures.

Teaching Respect for Thresholds (Doors, Gates, Etc.)

Teaching the Walk

An Easy, Multi-Day Training Plan to Teach Your Dog to Walk Politely on Leash in Heel Position

How to Overcome Pulling on the Walk with Prong Collar

Crate Training

Crate Training 101: How to Acclimate a Dog to the Crate; How to Teach the Crate/Kennel Command

How to Acclimate a Dog to the Crate Gradually; How to Help Your Dog See the Crate as a Happy Place

How to Teach a Dog to be Calm Before Exiting the Crate

How (and Why) to Teach the Place Command

How to Teach the Sit Command

Teaching “Sit” with Prong Collar, Leash Pressure, and Rewards

How to Teach the Down Command

How to Teach the Recall (“Come” Command)

How to Teach a Dog to Wear a Muzzle (and not hate it!)