Adopted in 2009.

When Shiloh came to us, we could tell how sweet her temperament was from the beginning. Everywhere we go with her, people constantly tell us how sweet and beautiful she is (though she’s too humble to know this). We knew that sticking through the rough beginning would be completely worth it, and we were right!

In the beginning, Shiloh had severe separation anxiety. Rachel, with Serendipity, was so helpful in brainstorming different ways that we could help Shiloh. Her separation anxiety showed through accidents and destructive behavior. The first time we put her in a crate, she somehow busted out (we had to get very creative)!! We even found out that she had a sensitive digestive system. Even with all those challenges, the saddest part was that Shiloh didn’t know how to play with toys or with us!

Through time, training, researching and lots of patience (on everyone’s part, including Shiloh’s), Shiloh is happy and healthy on all accounts! Her separation anxiety is reduced to almost nothing, yogurt everyday has solved her digestive problems, and she actually will bring a toy to us to play with now (at which point we drop everything and listen)!! She’s such a wonderful girl and we’re SO happy that we got through the rough beginning. She has been worth all the effort and is a cherished part of our family! Now, all we have to do is adopt a friend for her…

Eric & Jennifer