Adopted in 2009.

It is hard to believe that we adopted Rika over a year ago. After a really tough time losing our, Shilo who suffered a stroke most likely due to her Cushing’s Disease, never did we expect to find another dog that just captured our hearts from her very first “woof” as she came bounding out of the foster mom’s front door when we came to visit. We had a great first visit and when we got in the car to drive home it was tough to leave Rika behind, but we knew she would be the one to fill the large hole left by Shilo’s death.

We picked her up a week later and drove her home. Right away Rika took to all her new adventures with a smile on her face, a wag in her tail, and a big wet sloppy kiss. We often say she “just can’t control her licker”, because she just loves to give kisses.

Rika’s days now consist of being the alarm clock for the house at 5:00 a.m. each morning letting us know it is time for her walk. She then gets to go to work with me so she gets to ride in the truck daily. After work she will chase and then sit underneath the big trees in the back yard to take a tongue lashing from the neighborhood squirrels, and then it is time to play with her “babies” all fifteen of them. On Sundays Rika gets to go to the dog park where she has about 15 to 20 other dog friends she runs and plays with every week.

Rika hasn’t asked to go back to the rescue place so I guess she feels likes it here and has a pretty good home.

I can’t thank you enough for what you and your people do for the German Shepherds, and we feel very fortunate to have been given the chance to be Rika’s human parents, she really is an awesome dog.

Vickie & Angie