Adopted in 2008.

We have had Nikita for around 6 months now and couldn’t be any happier. She is such a loved addition to our family. She is the main attraction with all children, all the time! She will go absolutely crazy if you don’t let her outside when they are out there playing, and is even trying to figure out how to climb the tree with them, the problem is she is so smart I do worry I may go out there one day and she will be sitting up there with them. We had a party with around 60 people this fall. We looked out the front window and seen about 6 boys running with a football with Nikita hot on their heels, we were all rolling on the floor when several minutes later the next thing you see is Nikita running in front, football in her mouth, and 6 boys chasing her!

She goes to work with me every morning @ 5:00 a.m. and is ready to do her job! My Dad was a little hesitant about me bringing Nikita to work with me worried about how customers would feel about a German Shepherd at the shop. We were robbed at gunpoint 1 day and it took all of 5 minutes for him to ask me if I would like to start bringing her in with me, of course I was ecstatic! She waits for each and every delivery driver by the door and brings her rope for them to play; of course no one can resist her because she is just so cute so they have to take a few minute break when they are at our shop. I don’t think Nikita would ever hurt a fly when I see her with the kids, but that bark when someone approaches us as I get out of my car or a stranger comes to the door will be all we need to deter the next would be assailant!

We have had many pets in our lives; still do as a matter of fact! I would recommend Serendipity AND DO always, to anyone; this was the most positive wonderful experience for us. Another quick side note, a couple days after we were robbed the police came by to ask some more questions and we had Nikita there. They were so impressed with her we had 3 squad cars come by that day to ask to see her! Of course I was just beaming with pride!

Jackie, Travis & Travy Greer