Adopted in 2006.

Mindy actually started out as a temporary foster dog and we soon realized that she would be part of our family. Mindy was nervous and shy when we first got her, but has improved greatly in the last two years. She is so incredibly gentle and sweet with everyone she meets; animals and people alike. Which is great since we have four cats! She loves to cuddle up to you in bed and snuggle! A year after we adopted Mindy she was diagnosed with Cushings Disease. Her sweet nature has allowed her to tolerate all the vet appointments and medications very well. It is difficult knowing that the disease may shorten her life, but we will do everything we can to give her the longest, happiest life possible!

We recently lost our male GSD of almost eleven years to lung cancer and it has been very hard on us and Mindy. If it wasn’t for Mindy it would have been ten times harder though. I think that we relied and took comfort in each other. Mindy has brought so much joy and humor to our lives. We love her for the sweet goof that she is!

Abby, Nathan, Mindy Spook, Squirt, Bam, and Tippy