Adopted in 2006.

Hi, my name is Milo!

When I was about 9 months old, I was found wandering the streets, lost and taken to a scary animal control shelter. Luckily the great folks from the German Shepherd Rescue came and got me. I was placed into a real neat foster home with a cool foster sister called Beyla. She put up with my puppy behavior (for the most part) and helped me to learn (some) manners. My foster mom and dad helped me out a bunch so that I could get ready to be placed in a new home.

The magic day came, December 24th ‘2006. How perfect was that? I was my new dads Christmas present to himself. I found out that I had big paw prints to fill since my new dad had lost his long time GSD friend of 15 years earlier in the year. But I’m up to the task (plus I have REAL big paws of my own)! I was so happy on that first truck ride to my new home. I got to ride with two of my new kids Rick and Rhonda and my soon to be new mom Sherry. My dad Eric and mom Sherry got married in March ‘2007 so now we have five kids (Chris, Samantha, Ian, Rick and Rhonda) and five dogs, me (Milo) my GSD mix sister Shelby, Jack Russell mix Skipper, and Chihuahua mixes Elvis and Colonel. We now spend the day together, chasing stuff, each other and doing other fun things such as going to a real cool dog park nearby where I get to meet all kinds of cool dogs. I can run as fast as I can, sniff all kinds of neat smells and just be a dog! Dad says I’m a social butterfly, I don’t know what that means, but everyone likes to pet me and tells my dad how handsome I am! My new house also has a huge water bowl in the back yard that I can drink out of and even cool my self off in, I think mom and dad call it a pool. Anyway I love to walk down into it, swim around and wet my whistle! My sister and brothers don’t seem to get the same enjoyment out of it that I do, but maybe that’s because they don’t have as much fur as me. My dad seems to get a little irritated with me after I go for a swim and then roll around in the nice soft dirt! It’s OK because he gives me extra attention with a big fluffy towel. Last summer I got to try something new, boat rides! Me and dad go out and find a nice empty cove to pull the boat up on. I hop out and begin exploring while dad goes for a swim. I don’t like it when he swims to far from the boat so I have to go in after him to make sure he is OK. My other favorite thing is to go for truck rides with my dad. He has a window in the top of the truck that opens up. I like to put my paws on the center console and stick my head out the top. I can see real good this way and I can see all the people looking at me and smiling. My dad says it’s because I look silly with my head sticking out that way, but I think it’s just because I’m just so darn handsome!

I want to thank the wonderful folks at the German Shepherd rescue and my foster mom, dad and sister for helping me find a great new family to be a part of. Now I get to give back and take care of my brothers, sister, kids and of course, mom and dad.

Woof, Woof… Milo