Adopted in 2008.

After we rescued Hrothgar, our 6 year old English Mastiff, my husband and I decided our next dog would be a German Shepherd. We waited 5 years to find the right one and I new instantly on Petfinder when I saw the picture of Miley, that she was it. I filled out the adoption application and felt like a kid at Christmas waiting for ‘the call.’ When Miley arrived at our house, we were impressed by the amount of care Miley had been given prior to our adopting her. Rachel’s stories, but good and bad, made us glad that we had reached out to rescue a GS. Her first check-up with our vet had everyone oggling over how impressive she was. I have never owned a German Shepherd and am amazed daily at her intelligence and intuition. Miley has fast become the center of our world and has formed a bond with Hrothgar that has brought new life to him.