Adopted in 2009.

Well I’m happy to report that our little girl, Maui, is doing fantastic. It’s been two months since we’ve adopted her, and she’s been such a blessing. Since she’s moved to our ranch, Maui has became an avid swimmer, cat lover, trail rider and cattle dog. She spends most of her time outside in the garden and barn with me and never misses an opportunity to go swimming in the nearest body of water be it pond, pool or puddle.

She is very healthy and growing like a weed. She gets my husband and me up and running every day and plays outside in the yard whenever there is nothing to do. She gets to spend two days a week at doggy day care and has become quite the social butterfly with all her new K9 friends. I dont know what our family would be like without her but she brings joy to our house every day.

Serendipity, Thank you so much for giving us a wonderful addition to our family.

Best Wishes, Natalie, Dirck and Maui Hoagland