Adopted in 2008.

I am truly taken back at how animals that have been neglected or abused can be so trusting, so loving, and so gentle. So it is with Marshall.

Marshall’s story begins on the City Streets of St. Louis. My husband was driving to work on a very cold and snowy evening when he spotted a German Shepherd running down the street. Temperatures were below freezing and we were expecting about 8 inches of snow. At first thought, my husband assumed the dog had just gotten loose from someone; he proceeded to track him down. He eventually found him in the rear of an abandoned house. After seeing him close up, it was quite apparent that he was in bad shape and left there to die. My husband took Marshall to work with him that evening and the next morning to our vet. Marshall was very underweight, his toenails were extremely long, his ears where jagged from years of fly bites and he had heartworms. All of this and yet Marshall was so gentle and sweet to the very same species that neglected to take care of him and left him to parish.

Having three German Shepherds of our own, we felt we could not keep him. Although we vowed that we could take care of him and see that he found a loving home. We found ourselves in unfamiliar territory, rescuing a stray; we decided to look for advice from rescue agencies. I tried contacting several organizations, yet no one would call me back, until our saviors at Serendipity. They walked us thru step-by-step on what needed to be done in order to get Marshall adopted. We fostered Marshall while he went thru the heartworm treatments and we would keep him until he had a clean bill of health.

In his time with us, Marshall would be evaluated to see what type of home would be best for him. After gaining weight and strength we introduced Marshall to the rest of our family, Maddy, Max and Macy, our three German Shepherds. We assumed there might be issues, but Marshall fit in as though it was his destiny. As time went on he developed a playful and youthful personality. He was loving life!

The time came and Marshall had a clean bill of health. Serendipity put Marshall up for adoption. He had several inquiries but none seemed a good fit. Then a prospect came along that we thought might be the one. On a Saturday afternoon, Marshall was leaving to go to a new home. We said our good-byes and had no idea how hard it was going to be. You see, we had never been around a stray, especially one so neglected and abused, but yet so gentle and sweet. Apparently animals are very forgiving or just love us no matter what. Whatever the answer, we realized Marshall taught us something very special.

After a few days at his new home, it was apparent that it wasn’t going to work out. Whether it is his destiny or ours, he was returned to us. We realized in those few days while he was gone that he was already part of a family, ours, and we couldn’t let him go. We decided Marshall was to stay with us. We adopted Marshall from our friends at Serendipity.

We truly appreciated the great people at Serendipity that provide these animals with a second chance at life. They do this everyday and we will be forever grateful for their help.

(also in picture Maddy, Max, & Macy)