Adopted in 2007.

It’s now been about six months since we adopted Kikka (formerly known as “Blue”) and brought him back home here in Overland Park.

Kikka is a beautiful and smart pup – grown very tall, and now up to 67 pounds (he was 19# the day we brought him home, at four months of age). He gets on well with our 11 year GSD cross, Jet, and our four cats. He and Jet go for a two mile walk each morning (Kikka wearing his doggy backpack for an added workout), and Kikka also gets off-leash work at a nearby park each morning, while we are out. He gets lots and lots of public socializing, so he’s very well behaved with people, kids, and other dogs.

We also go to the BIG dog park here in Johnson County, at Shawnee Mission Park, which has lots of woods to explore, and a lake to swim in. Kikka learned to swim on his very first trip out there – he was very cautious, but excited, but he learned how the big boys do it by watching Jet. Kikka’s favorite toy is his beloved Jolly Ball. He gets lots of love and attention; though we certainly don’t let him even begin to rule the household. I can take food and treats out of his mouth without complaint or aggression. He’s a very good minded boy, and I’m very proud of him.

Thank you so much for making his adoption to us possible and we look forward to many years with him enriching our lives. We hope to participate in some of your upcoming events this year!

Kathy McKenzie and Greg Dermer