Adopted in 2007.

Joey has been with us almost 2 weeks and participated in his first general family get-together this weekend. He found that there were a lot more people to keep track of and he had a hard time figuring out where to plant himself as he likes to be where his family is -everyone was were scattered around the kitchen, family, and dining area which made it difficult for him to make a decision. He was pretty tired by the end of the day. We learned that he is fond of Turkey (he made his first attempt at removal of part of a turkey carcass from the kitchen island but stopped quickly on command), he doesn’t think people should wrestle with small children (he became very worried when our 4 year old grandson Jasper and his father were getting a bit rowdy in the family room,) he found that 3 year old girls don’t always throw his ball in a reliable direction (our granddaughter Olivia throws with enthusiasm but is working on control) , he discovered that Lincoln Logs look like sticks but………….., he found that sometimes you have to share “your” couch and ottoman with others, and lots of extra people mean lots of extra petting and hugs. All in all it was a successful day and everyone declared Joey to be a wonderful additional to the family. Today he has been busy seeing some of the family off and resting up from all the festivities as he missed nap times yesterday.

Again we thank you for helping Joey become a part of our family. He is truly a gift.

Susan & Ray Wood