Adopted in 2006.

Jake came to live with us when we decided we would like to try to foster a German Shepherd. We already had two GSD’s, Corby and Katie, both 8 years of age at the time. Jake was about two years old, but acted like a young puppy – full of energy and willing to play all the time. Of course, after meeting him, we didn’t want to give him up, so we adopted him and after two years, he still has the same amount of energy as he did when he first came to live with us!

We lost our GSD, Katie, in February 2007 to cancer, so Jake helped us in easing that loss. He also is a great help with our other GSD, Corby, who has arthritis. He is always ready to play with Corby and that is good for both of them to have the exercise.

Jake is also a big tease. He loves to get a squeaky ball and bring it to you. He’ll drop it and then, keeping his nose close to the ball, he’ll look up at you so you’ll try to grab it and he can get it first. He is our guard dog – loves to bark at the doorbell – whether ours or one on TV!

All around, Jake is a great dog and we are so pleased to have him own us, along with all our other dogs, cats and horses!

(with Corby in photo)