In memory…

– February 15, 2012

There is a belief that animals stay with their “peeps” [people] until the animal’s job is done. With great sadness our Rika’s job was completed on February 15, 2012 (after only three short years). Rika came into our lives with [Serendipity’s] help. Rika had health problems that she fought every day, but even with those health problems, Rika was never one to shy away from going “fullblast every minute of every day” (whether she was chasing bugs or chasing the deer on her five acres). Rika truly loved life and we loved her. She made all of us better peeps. Rika will never be forgotten by her family or by all her aunties that loved her dearly. Rika touched so many peoples’ lives with her silliness, affection, and overall personality. We miss Rika so much at times that it is hard to breath, but even though we can’t see her with our eyes anymore, she is with us in spirit and will always be with us in our hearts.

— Run free Rika, your moms love you.