In memory…

Nash came home [to his adoptive family] on August  2, 2013.  Nash was so terrified that he spent the first three days hiding in the bathroom, in the shower, and behind the shower curtain. When Nash got behind the toilet and raised his head (which raised the toilet paper holder mounted on the tank, which raised the tank lid and sent it careening onto the floor in lots of pieces), the noise convinced him that there were other safe places in the house.

Nash slowly learned to explore the house, all the toys therein, and met his “sister” Willie – a Stray Rescue lab mix. Before long, Nash was “sliming” her regularly [lots of kisses], to her delight. Nash was a toy hoarder, taking them all, one by one, into his crate (as if taking inventory). Both Willie and Nash coveted a particular Nylabone. Rather than fight, they created a vaudeville-style routine: Nash carried the Nylabone in one direction and  (30 seconds later) she carried it back. This was repeated as needed to amuse the people.

He had a particularly long nose, giving him a slightly skeptical expression (“Really? Are you sure?”)

In the 11+ months he was with us, Nash was given lots of time, patience, and training. He had become the star of obedience class and approached strangers in happy anticipation. We were just about ready to schedule temperament testing, so Nash could do therapy work . He was a gentle soul who learned that people could be good to him and he taught us that a good nose scrunching is the best thing in life.

Nash enjoying his foster home




Getting used to the good life


Nash, before being bailed out of the shelter.
Nash’s first glimpse at freedom