In memory…

Lady showed evidence of a not so great life.  We aren’t sure of the events that brought her to the shelter Serendipity pulled her from, but whatever they were, those events were what began her journey to our family. We loved her immediately, and Sadie, our other dog, warmed up gradually.  Lady was everything we could have hoped for.  She was smart, sweet, beautiful and helped us heal a little from the loss of our dog, Zoe, a few months before.  Lady was only with us a short time before we realized something was terribly wrong.  We had to let her go after 5 short weeks.  We were devastated when she was diagnosed with cancer, but took comfort in the fact that we were able to do so much in such a short period of time.  Lady hung out with us at the lake house, she got to visit my mom’s farm, even have a spa day, and there was lots of lounging in the back yard.  She and Sadie were awesome walking buddies!

We said from the very beginning that Zoe sent Lady to us.  I still believe that. You see, Lady needed a family of her own before she could move on.  Her journey on this earth has ended, but her spirit and love go on.  We miss her so much.  We are so grateful that Serendipity brought her to us.

Lady  Lady at the meet and greet