Adopted in 2008.

Fritz came to us just a few weeks ago after having received badly needed TLC from Rachel and her family. In spite of the great care and good groceries, he was still underweight and very insecure – although very sweet and loving. With plenty of patience, time devoted to him, good food and exercise, he is in great physical shape and is becoming more confident and secure each day. He loves his long walks every day with Hank and is learning to dog-play with Belle (our 6-yr-old GSD) and Khemosabi (our 15-yr-old Jack Russell). Belle loved him at first sight, and they are great pals now. He does have a peculiar trait – when he has to go outside, he throws both of his big feet into my lap and barks very loudly. We’re working on teaching him more subtle cues. :o)

We can see that he is content with us and feels like he finally has his forever-family. And we are so glad we met him.

Hank & Sue Weiland, Belle & Khemosabi