Adopted in 2008.

I adopted Duke from Serendipity last December and here is his Happy Tail. When I got him he was just getting over heartworms, skinny, confused, his coat was quite thin and shedding and he didn’t seem to have any doggie manners at all. Well, “what you see is what you get” might be true in many cases, in Duke’s case I got WAY more than I first saw. He is now nicely filled out and muscular, has a great coat, his health is excellent; he is proud and confident and learned all his manners in no time at all. The attached picture is Duke, me and my other dog, Rocco. The two of them get along great and I get many compliments on what good looking dogs I have. I am very proud of both.

Before I adopted Duke I would regularly exercise my girlfriend’s dogs and mine together. One doubt I had about adopting a second dog was, how it would work out to walk 4 dogs at once. Well, it has worked out fine. It requires a little planning (a wide open path works out best) but it has been no real problem.

Duke has worked out extremely well and I am very glad I adopted him. Thank you to Serendipity German Shepherd Rescue from both Duke and me.

John Larson
Blue Springs, MO