Adopted in 2008.

It’s been just about 3 months since we were lucky enough to have Charlie become one of our kids, and he’s doing great. We just celebrated his 2nd birthday last month with new toys and some special-made braunschweiger cupcakes (yum yum). He loves snuggling in bed with mama and playing fetch with daddy, snagging mama’s chair when she’s not looking, playing with people-sister Elaina and doggie-sister Bessa and doggie-cousin George. He’s even gained a little weight–a big feat for such a busy boy.

Thank you so much to Serendipity for helping us to find each other, to his foster mama & daddy for giving him a happy, safe place in the interim, and to his original mama & daddy, for caring about him so much to try to do what’s best for him. He’s a very busy boy, so much fun, and has helped us so much to recover from our heartache after losing our 11 year old Golden to cancer this past March. He’s our sweet, smoochy Charles, makes us laugh every day, and he means the world to us.

Much gratitude–
Tom, Leanne, Elaina, and Bessa