Adopted in 2008.

We found Serendipity GSD Rescue this summer when we began looking for a companion for our male GSD “Pharaoh”. We recently lost our 7 year old female GSD “Brooklyn” to nasal cancer and not only was it very hard on us but it was devastating for Pharaoh. He lost his big sister and his best friend. To complicate things, my wife Tami was 6 months pregnant with our first daughter so getting a puppy was almost out of the question. And then…we found Cali.

Cali is a wonderful 2 year old female GSD. She is a great girl. She is energetic and wild, yet incredibly disciplined and a fast learner at the same time. She loves her new brother Pharaoh and they love to run and chase each other and also any small furry animal that happens to wander into their yard. They enjoy their long walks together and even share a spot together on “their” couch when they get back home. Cali is wonderful with our new daughter Erika and I know Brooklyn would be happy that Pharaoh has found someone to play with and keep him smiling. She has been a great addition to our family and we owe it all to Rachel and Abby at Serendipity. Thanks guys for everything you do.

Dan, Tami, Erika, Pharaoh and Cali Snook