Adopted in 2008.

My husband and I adopted Ava in March 2008. We had another German Shepherd who was 2 years old and were getting ready to move and felt that she needed a companion. She is absolutely the sweetest dog in the world, would love anyone to death! As Rachel said, “She thinks that she is the size of a Chihuahua,” and she loves to be a giant lap dog. The two dogs have had a few tussles, but generally get along well. Our original dog was definitely my husband’s dog and Ava quickly became my “baby.” She follows me around like Mary’s little lamb which I love. Originally, she didn’t really know how to play very well, but now she catches balls and Frisbees with the best of them. The dogs love to go to the local dog park and Ava likes to swim in the little pond there. People are generally surprised to see a black German Shepherd and always comment on her beauty. I can’t imagine our life without her. Thanks to Serendipity German Shepherd Rescue and all you do.